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Born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana, Rachael Mills knew at an early age that she loved to sew, but had no clue just how deeply rooted that love would become. Having absent parents due to drug addiction, she was left in the care of her grandmother who also took in her older sisters. 

Growing up in a low income home, she always had what she needed but not always what she wanted, so while students came to school in their new shoes or uniforms, she had to wear her previous ones. She decided to work with what she had, so she started altering them. Making shorts into skirts or skirts into jumpers or bags, she had started a mini business in high school, offering her creations to her fellow classmates. She would sneak the small fee she charged, sometimes as little as $3.00, under her grandmothers pillow, in hopes that it would help.

 Soon what started out as a loved hobby transitioned into a career she was determined to pursue. After finishing high school, she moved to Atlanta, received a degree in Fashion Design, and soon after launched The RMills Collection.

The self named RMILLS COLLECTION is a line focused on quality, both in construction and textile. Pieces that cater to the elite and confident woman, women who aren’t afraid to be the center of attention. "I have always been overly obsessed with the body structure of a woman, so when I created my brand I had to create pieces that would show the amazing dimensions and shape of a woman.”says Head Designer Rachael. From Fitted BodyCon Dresses to Edgy lace gowns, the brand caters to every womans’ idea of sexy.

Having worked with celebrities such as KeKe Palmer, Adrian Ballion, Cynthia Bailey, Toya Wright, Trina, Porsha Williams, and many Reality TV stars, she is making a mark in the Fashion World and has no plans of going anywhere but up.

 The Collection is designed and produced in Atlanta Ga but will be relocating to a Los Angeles showroom where the collection will be under the Designers’ hands on expertise.







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